Libraries in Algeria

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To Algeria With Love


To Algeria With LoveIf “To Algeria with love” is so brilliant and moving, this is undoubtedly because of its deep humanity. Suzanne Ruta intertwines passion, wit and lucidity in a powerful and gripping novel. Book review by Cécile Oumhani followed by an interview with the author.

Boussad Ouadi, a bookseller in Algiers


Boussad Ouadi,  a bookseller in Algiers You need to be from Algiers to understand the turmoil caused by the future closure of the Librairie des Beaux-Arts.

Sleepless in Algiers


Sleepless in AlgiersThe title of short story anthology Algiers, When the Town is Asleep sounds like a tribute to John Huston’s feature movie The Asphalt Jungle from 1950. But, this is only an excuse, “to describe the city of Algiers in a way that avoids commonplace language.” The Algerian capital is too often depicted as a motionless seaside statue, indifferent to its own wounds.