The Trio Joubran


The Trio Joubran
Le Trio Joubran, (photo Jerome Conquy)

A virtuoso of the oud, already hailed throughout the Arab world, Samir Joubran has quickly gained international recognition. Since his first appearance in France at the “Nuits atypiques” festival in Langon in 2002, and the release of his first album Tamaas in February 2003, he has unfailingly delighted the public. Whether in the intimacy of a small setting, the effervescence of an open-air festival, or before an audience of 40,000 - as at the Larzac 2003 gathering - the spell always seems to work. The first musician to have received a two-year grant from the International Parliament of Writers (2003 - 2004) in Pontedera, Italy, he then decided to settle in Europe, which has provided him a platform on which to develop his reputation, touring France, Europe and beyond.

His talents as a composer and improviser earned him the chance to work with leading artists and intellectuals within the Arab world, notably the poet Mahmoud Darwish and the film director Rashid Masharawi for whom he recorded the original soundtrack of the film Ticket to Jerusalem in 2002. In Europe, he has also been asked to work for the European cinema. The French film director François Dupeyron chose three tracks from the Tamaas album for the soundtrack of his latest film Inguélézi (released in February 2004). He also wrote the music for an original work staged by contemporary choreographers Héla Fattoumi and Eric Lamoureux…

The Trio Joubran
Le Trio Joubran, (photo Jerome Conquy)

Born in 1973 in the Galilean city of Nazareth, he grew up in a family with a strong musical tradition. His mother sang in a Muashahat ensemble and his father, Hatem, is an oud maker known throughout the Arab world.
When he was five, his father started teaching him the oud, and he went on to enter the Nazareth Institute of Music at the age of 9. He completed his studies at the Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Conservatory in Cairo.
Since then, he has performed at some of the most important venues in the Arab world like the Cairo Opera House, the Jerusalem Festival, the Jarash International Festival in Jordan, the Muscat Festival in Oman, the Palestinian Week in Qatar and many more.

20 years old, Wissam is the first stringed-instrument maker in the Arab world to enter the Antonio Stradivari Institute in Italy. He has a remarkable gift for improvisation and intelligent and harmonious transitions between the Arab Maqamats.

18 years lord, and the younger brother of the Trio Joubran he made his debut on the international stage in 2004 and is considered a prodigy by his elder brothers.

Beyond the virtuosity of the group, the result of this family complicity around the oud, is a mix of a rare elegance and intensity. The silences between the pieces give room to a dream of serenity for their homeland and for life lead by peace and fraternity.

Hannane Bouzidi

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