A plunge into Aurora Rumì’s aesthetics


A plunge into Aurora Rumì’s aestheticsAurora Rumì, just turned 30, is from Andalusia and graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Granada. She has always been attracted by graphic design, which she first chose as an option during her artistic training. She also specialised in photography, web design, animation and video. She eventually abandoned all these other disciplines to opt back for the feeling of materials, and now fully dedicates herself to painting. Though sometimes forced to resort to some little extra jobs, she tries to dedicated most of her time to her art.
Her first series of paintings entitled “Playa” was exhibited in Granada in 2006 for which she won the first prize of Young Fine Arts Artists, organised by the city. Here, her paintings are still strongly inspired by graphic design with a dash of pop art which she likes for its simplicity and easy accessibility, for the immediacy of its message and the attractiveness of the image.
This series of more than 30 works, exploring the attitudes of people on the beach, lets us appreciate Aurora’s exceptional capacity of observation and her sharp sometimes comic outlook, though always based on an aesthetical point of view. She shapes the portraits of her contemporaries through their poses rather than on their faces, within simplified almost schematic contexts. She tells us how important photography is in her creative approach: “It’s the starting point of my research, which I then elaborate through graphic design, then comes painting. “
A radical, change of decor for her second and last series entitled “Slumming on past”. Aurora explores and re-updates the “lovely paintings hanging in grand-parents lobbies” with the collage technique.
We have all seen those old-fashioned works, which today we would qualify as kitsch, illustrating a hunting scene or an isolated house in the countryside, according to artistic criteria that, if ever they had a sense, are nowadays totally obsolete themes. Collages allow Aurora to reanimate these scenes, to re-populate these past decorations, by exploring associations of ideas which, she says “inspired her by simply watching an incident on the metro” .


A plunge into Aurora Rumì’s aesthetics


Totally anachronistic constructions, Aurora’s collages arouse our collective imagination and give us some food for thought. The choice of the title? A flashback on a trendy British touristic practice of the Eighties, where rich idle people in search of adventure paid “exotic” visits to the working class districts.
Today, after she explored, with a good deal of humour, part of her aesthetic concerns, Aurora wants to start to create something more serious and intimate.
Her artistic path is now in full transition and she would like to exploit the possibilities of her artistic skills independently, in particular photography and painting. So how will the next series surprise us?
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Perrine Delangle

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