2nd Edition of the Migrant Film Festival “On the road”, Slovenia


The Slovene Philanthropy and Zavod Voluntariat are organizing the second annual Migrant Film Festival »On the Road« (FMF 2011) , presenting films dedicated to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees who for various reasons are forced to leave their homelands and search a better life elsewhere.
The festival will take place in Ljubjana, Slovenia from the 17th to the 23rd of June 2011. Screening and events will take place in various venues.
2nd Edition of the Migrant Film Festival “On the road”, Slovenia
Uneven economic and social development are still amongst the principal reasons for migration. However emerging new factors mostly due to changes in living environments worldwide are producing new “categories” of migrants (for example “environmental refugees”).

Unfortunately, in the 21st century discrimination of individuals and groups based on ethnic, cultural or religious reasons or gender and/or sexual orientation still exists.
Migration remains one of the principal global trends of the 21st century and this brings about the need for reflection on possibilities for the adaptation of migrants to new environments and on the (in)adequacy of related local and international migration and asylum policies.

Through film projections, the festival organisers wish to stimulate discussions on migration and the right of all to a decent life. Experienced and not-so-experienced filmmakers, activists and advocates of migrants’ rights are invited to exchange their opinions and express their views on selected topics through their films and videos. Th works will not be selected on a technical basis but rather on the originality of the approach and their activist potential.

Application forms can be downloaded online.


For further information :
Slovenska filantropija
(For: Migrant Film Festival »On the Road«)
Poljanska cesta 12,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
+386 1 430 1288; +386 51 389 929 (Uroš Krasnik)


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