Rencontres //03, Marseilles


Rencontres Parallèles are an interdisciplinary artistic platform which takes place every odd year. It is both a festival for young contemporary creativity and a place where to artistic practices are shared. Organised by Komm’n’Act, this multi-disciplinary artistic Festival aims to provide space for young contemporary creation, introduce original approaches, encourage exchanges between artists and production and diffusion companies in Europe and in the Mediterranean and enable the audience to meet the invited artists in a deeper way.
Rencontres //03, Marseilles
Rencontres //03 will take place from 19 to 28 May 2011 in various venues in Marseilles: la Friche la Belle de Mai, ART-CADE gallery, HO gallery/bookshop, Les Variétés cinema and the cipM. Rencontres is supported by Merlan (subsidized theatre) and Montévidéo (contemporary creation centre).
This 3rd edition is the result of two years of reflection and intensive actions as well as several trips across Europe to bring together 31 artists working in different fields and coming from various countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region such as Lebanon, Portugal, France, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Israel, the Netherlands and Italy. This year’s 9-day festival will feature the following artists and performers:
Vanessa Santullo, video (France-Italy) | Alexander Schellow, visual arts (Germany) CARTE BLANCHE | L’IRMAR, (Institut des Recherches Menant à Rien) theatre (France) | Yaïr Barelli, dance (Israel - lives in France) | Marjolijn van Heemstra, theatre (the Netherlands) | Le bruit des nuages, performance-installation (France) | Rana Hamadeh, visual arts - performance (Lebanon - lives in the Netherlands) | RSJ Works-Human Works, interdisciplinary (Norway / Belgium) | Maud Vanhauwaert, poetry (Belgium) | Antoine Boute, poetry (Belgium) | Ana Martins, dance (Portugal), Francisco Medeiros sound (Portugal) and Cyril Meroni, video (France) | L’Employeur, theatre (France).


For more information:
93, La Canebière BP9
Tel.: +33(0)4 91 91 50 26


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