'Mediterranean Doors' Festival: Call for artists and researchers


'Mediterranean Doors' Festival: Call for artists and researchers The Artistic Union for the Mediterranean and the Association of Fine Arts of the Sahel are launching a call for participation to their first festival entitled "Mediterranean
Doors" that is to be held in Susah (Port El Kantaoui and residency Dar Selma - Hammam Sousse), Tunisia from the 10th to the 17th of July 2011.

The main theme of the Festival will be:
"The pollution in the Mediterranean"
This call is open to all artists in the Mediterranean basin, especially to young creators who are interested in the problems of the Mediterranean Sea.
The aim of the festival is to raise awareness on different problems of pollution among the different political, social and environmental institutions.
The festival will include a visual arts exhibition, musical shows, performances and video installations.

Virtual discussions (especially on Second Life) with researchers and artists will be held under the theme "The role of artists in the awareness of the problems of pollution in the Mediterranean"
A conference revolving around the same theme will be scheduled.

Please send your application to the email hereunder:

Note: Foreign participants shall pay the costs of travel. The Association of Fine Arts of the Sahel will cover accommodation expenses.





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