The Roberto Cimetta Fund Mobility Programme 2011


Open Call for applications:

The Roberto Cimetta Fund Mobility Programme 2011The Roberto Cimetta Fund is launching its Mobility Funding Programme for 2011 including a general fund and specific funding lines. The call for applications is open to artists and cultural operators working and living in the Euro-Mediterranean Region.
Priority is given to mobility from the South and East of this region.

The General Fund is open to all requests for travel grants that respect the eligibility criteria of the Roberto Cimetta Fund, whatever the destination of travel, the artistic discipline or the direction of mobility.
Funding on the specific funding lines is detailed on:

The Roberto Cimetta Fund’s is also launching its NEW joint mobility fund with Guimaraes, European Capital of Culture 2012. This specific funding line supports artistic mobility to and from Guimaraes, Portugal. Priority is given to applications in music, performing arts, cinema, contemporary art, design and architecture preferably within a “residency” model.


For further information:
Fonds Roberto Cimetta

c/o ONDA
13 bis rue Henri Monnier

75009 Paris

Tel. : + 33 1 45 26 33 74

Skype : cimettafund

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