Morocco: "Dialogue" in pictures

A joint exhibition of the works of the German artist Stefan Moses and the Moroccan artist Brahim Benkirane, will be held until the 23rd of March 2008 in the "Villa des Arts" of Rabat, Morocco under the theme " Characters in their socio-cultural environment".

Morocco: "Deutsche Vita" . Stefan Moses, born in 1928, is one of the greatest and most significant representative of German photography of the second half of the 20th century. All hislife, he was interested in the Germans, their manner of living, their behavior, independently of their social background. The diversity of the events and the personalities of the German cultural world that he photographed is without equal. For more than 40 years, Stefan Moses has made the portrait of the Germans: old man and young people, artists and intellectuals, poor and rich, their apartments, their festivals, he became thus the chronicler of the post-war year's period in Germany. Morocco:

"Small trip towards the other" . The work of Brahim Benkirane provides many answers by his outdistanced insight of traveler and aesthete and presents a series of portraits gathered all over the world as well as his vision of the "Other", his diversity and humanity. At 44 years old, Brahim Benkirane passed half of his life in Casablanca (Morocco) and the other half in Paris (France) and he defines himself as a traveler between cultures at the personal as well as professional levels.

Houssine SOUSSI

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