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MOROCCO: Between survival and self-assertion


MOROCCO: Between survival and self-assertion2008, 4 years have passed since the reform of the Family Code. Casablanca, a population of 3.5 million (officially), economic capital and melting pot of ancient resident and rural populations who have come to seek employment, of middle classes … Amal, Leyla, Ikram, Ghanya, Amina and Kawtar live their twenties here. Their priority: to work.

The kafala, an adoption that is not an adoption (1)


kalafa_eng110Even today, in almost all Muslim countries (except Turkey, Indonesia and Tunisia - but in Tunisia, the Islamists want the government to open debate in order to change the law) it is the kafala that allows adults to take care of abandoned minors in accordance with Islamic law.

In Morocco: social injustice creates Kamikazes


In Morocco: social injustice creates KamikazesWhat happened in the head of these young Moroccans who were ready to die rather than be captured by police forces? During the two months of March and April 2007, Casablanca lived in terror. And its own children were the cause. This suicidal tendency reminds us of other social behaviours that are just as deadly.