“Tanger révée” Dreamed Tangiers



“Tanger révée” Dreamed TangiersMany filmmakers have been attracted by Tangiers’ special atmosphere. From 1919 to today, the city has been the subject or the setting of 80 French, Spanish, Italian, American, German and English films. Moroccan cinema was born after the independence and it is of course the filmmakers from Tangiers such as Moumen Smihi, Jillali Ferhati Farida Benlyazid who have most and best showed their town.

Aflam , dissemination of Arab Cinema together with the Cinématheque of Tangiers are presenting a series of screenings in Marseille and two round tables to analyse the relationship between the city and cinema and artists.




Thursday 27th May at the Alcazar, 6pm
Free entrance
Screening of “Une fenêtre à Tanger” (A window in Tangiers)
by Yves de Peretti
France, 1999, colour, video, 27 min

Round table “Artists and Tangiers”
Since Delacroix’s trip to Tangiers, the cosmopolitan vocation cosmopolite of the city has attracted many European and American artists such as Paul Bowles, Tennessee Williams, Richard Burroughs, the Rolling Stones, Jean Genet... Two writers from Tangiers have also contributed to the city’s fame: Mohamed Choukri and Tahar Ben Jelloun.
This round table gathers :
Yto Barada, photographer, director of the Cinémathèque of Tangiers
Mohamed Berrada, novelist
Xavier Girard, art historian
Emmanuel Ponsart, director of the International Poetry Centre in Marseille (CIPM) Moderator : Michel Serceau, cinema lecturer and researcher – co-president of Aflam

Wednesday 2nd June at ABD Gaston Defferre 6.30pm
Free entrance
Screening of the film “Paris sur mer”
by Mounir Abbar
Morocco, 2007, colour, video, 17min

Round table “Cinema and Tangiers”
The relationship between Tangiers and cinema dates back to 1897 when the Lumière brothers most probably filmed the city for the first time. Since then, the city has inspired many scriptwriters and filmmakers and a lot of films were shot in Tangiers. They all represented the city from a different perspective depending on period, country and filmmakers.
This round table gathers:
Hamid Aïdouni, cinema lecturer and researcher, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Tétouan
Ahmed Boughaba, cinema critic
Jean-Charles Depaule, anthropologist
Jillali Ferhati, filmmaker
Moderator : Michel Serceau, cinema lecturer and researcher – co-president of Aflam

28-29th and 30th May/ 3rd and 4th June
Screenings at Les Variétés Cinema
Programme on www.aflam.fr

Friday 28th May at 8.30pm
Opening film : “Fissures” (Cracks) by Hicham Ayouch
in the presence of the filmmaker
Price 6€
Morocco, 2009, colour, 35mm, 1h10. With Abdesellem Bounouacha, Marcela Moura, Noureddine Denoul. Three persons on the margins of society in search of love and releif meet in Tangiers. Abdesellem, a broken man who just came out of prison, Nureddin, his best friend and Marcela, a temperamental Brazilian. She is excessive and suicidal.
Unreleased in France, Fissures was a "favourite" at the International Festival of Marrakech and awarded at the National Festival in Tangiers.




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