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The Long Run


mena 110xxx yyyMENA, the Middle East and North Africa region has an unexpected record. In a region where marriage age is the primary mark for independence (from the family), the average age for marriage for men is now the highest among all developing regions. The high unemployment rate for men can be blamed for this result, according to this impressive infographic by Visualizing Impact. (Ebticar/Visualizing impact)

A generation trapped – Gaza’s youth in figures


A generation trapped – Gaza’s youth in figuresPalestinian youth in the Gaza Strip make up the biggest segment of society trapped in a strip of land with the highest population density. Overview on the situation of youth in Gaza.

Loads of Language II


Loads of Language IIWords that have no weight, no size, no smell: quiet, unseen, intangible, they are all I can bear to carry in my ceaseless migration from town to town.