Museums in Palestine

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The Subject of Palestine


The Subject of PalestineWashington D.C, 9 September - 28 October, 2005 Tragedy and resistance permeate Palestinian national life and are the primary subject matter of Palestinian art. In the years leading up to and including the first Intifada, Palestinian art was primarily an art of liberation growing with the groundswell for freedom. This exhibit features works of the liberation artists, who direct their discourse to their own population.

Forced to take over


ks_forces_110The hardships for the 1.6 million Palestinians brought about by the Israeli blockade of Gaza are leaving an even greater toll for women, who have had to take on new, often thankless, roles within their families and communities. As the neighbouring countries witness new challenges and opportunities for women in the wake of the Arab spring, Gaza’s women seem to be trapped in a bleak and endless autumn.

«Return of the Soul» commemorates 60 years of Nakba


Thousands of tiny figurines are suspended in the air, like the lives of the Palestinian refugees lying in wait for an impossible return.