Libraries in Palestine

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Mahmoud Darwish: the poet of our ambivalence


Mahmoud Darwish: the poet of our ambivalence For over twenty years I have avoided writing about him; that was my way to thwart my perplexity about him and the ambivalence of my relation to the experience of his poetry which I loved, hated, and respected.

Haifa: to return or not to return


Haifa: to return or not to returnIn an article in Al Akhbar, Lebanese journalist Pierre Abi Saab was stating that if the Rolling Stones had refused to play a concert in Israel as a result of the Palestinian campaign for a cultural boycott of the country, then Mahmoud Darwish shouldn’t go to Haifa. Why did Ghassan Kanafani write 35 years ago "Returning to Haifa", and now we write “Don’t return to Haifa”?

The Revitalising Force of Compassion


out_110Maltese poet Adrian Grima talks to acclaimed British Palestinian writer Selma Dabbagh who participated at the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival last September 2012.