Nadir Leghrib: grunge and chaâbi fusion | Amine Idjer
Nadir Leghrib: grunge and chaâbi fusion
Amine Idjer   
Nadir Leghrib: grunge and chaâbi fusion | Amine IdjerBorn in 1984, Nadir Leghrib is a young artist from Bona. In the beginning, he became known for the reinterpretations of the grunge group Nirvana. This is where the nickname “Nadir Nirvana” comes from. He then started to write lyrics and compose his own music, creating a new style that we can call “chaâbi-grunge”. It is the emergence of poetry from popular everyday language. A language that is both funny and moving.
His songs relate the everyday life of the young Algerian: social, love problems, disillusions. Since his debuts, he goes from stage to stage and concert to concert in Annaba and he soon became known and appreciated by young people who identify themselves with his songs. His notoriety goes beyond Bona and he animates concerts in Guelma, Constantine and then Algiers. The capital city, a turntable for multiculturalism welcomes him with open arms.

He participates to several regional competitions, especially those of the French Cultural Centre in Annaba and the radio channel III (Turbo Music). On the 6th of May 2010, Nadir performed for the first part of Cheikh Sidi Bemol in Constantine. The media, newspapers and radios like Radio-Annaba and Radio channel III and the national TV have been quite interested by this songwriter.

Nadir Leghrib is still very productive and he constantly writes new lyrics that are added to his rich repertoire that already includes fifty songs. He is starting to become known and to be appreciated by the audience in Algiers thanks to his frequent concerts. On stage, with his broken voice and his acoustic guitar, Nadir Leghrib interprets his languishing songs. Few are those who resist the wave of melancholy they bring along.

Amine Idjer
Translated into English by Elizabeth Grech