Ashkal Alawan Job Vacancy  | Ashkal Alwan, Library Coordinator, Beirut, Lebanon
Ashkal Alawan Job Vacancy

Ashkal Alawan Job Vacancy  | Ashkal Alwan, Library Coordinator, Beirut, Lebanon



Ashkal Alwan is looking for a Library Coordinator to manage our multimedia library. This is a full-time role and requires someone who loves being around books and films, who is thorough and diligent, and who can develop programs around our fast-growing archive.

General duties:

  • Receiving visitors to the library and guiding them in their research
  • Taking care of and cataloguing the books, journals and video archive
  • Maintaining an inventory and updating online lists of available media at the library
  • Digitizing the video archive
  • Overseeing the library’s development, including identifying further acquisitions, placing orders, purchasing and maintenance of library equipment, etc.
  • Developing a membership scheme for the library
  • Developing the ‘wish list’ program, which involves inviting artists, writers and/or academics to suggest a list of acquisitions for the library
  • Promoting the library through our social media platforms
  • Proposing programs for the library, as well as collaborations with other institutions

Preferred skills/qualities:

  • Fluent English and Arabic
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Demonstrable interest and knowledge in literature and/or contemporary arts preferred
  • Ability to take initiative and reach out to potential collaborators
  • Experience in coordinating projects

About the library:
Ashkal Alwan library contains an extensive archive of videos, books, documents and media that have been compiled over the last two decades. It is fully open to the public, free of charge, and provides a hub for researchers, artists and the public coming to consult the collection from the local community in Beirut, the wider Arab region and internationally.

For further inquiries and to send your CV, please email with the subject “Library Coordinator”.



21 October 2013