6th Edition of the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival  | babelmed
6th Edition of the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival
6th Edition of the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival  | babelmedThe Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival is organised by Inizjamed and Literature Across Frontiers. Inizjamed is a Maltese NGO committed towards the promotion of culture and artistic expression in the Maltese Islands and the promotion of a greater awareness of Mediterranean cultures.
Literature Across Frontiers is a programme of initiatives, part-financed by the Culture programme of the EU, that aims to advance European cultural exchange in the field of literature and translation through multilateral cooperation within a network of partner organisations on activities encompassing research and analysis, publication, translator training and skills development, joint participation in international book fairs, literature festivals and other forums, organisation of larger-scale projects, as well as conferences, seminars and workshops.

Since it was created in 2006, the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival aims to promote Maltese and Mediterranean Literature and gives the opportunity to different writers, poets and artists to exchange and share ideas with each other and with the public.

This year's 6th Edition will be held on the 8, 9 and 10th of September 2011 at the Garden of Rest (Ġnien il-Mistrieħ) in Floriana. The readings start at 8.00pm and entrance to all events is free.
This year, the festival will focus on the Arab Spring, Dignity and Freedom.

The invited poets and writers are Yasser Abdellatif (Cairo,Egypt), Awlad Ahmed (Tunisia), John Aquilina (Malta), Stéphane Chaumet (France), Mona El Shemy (Upper Egypt), Tarek Eltayeb (Sudan/Egypt/Austria), Simone Galea (Malta), Niki Marangou (Cyprus), Albert Marshall (Malta), Myriam Montoya (Colombia), Rasha Omran (Syria), Mohamed-Salah Omri (UK), Robin Yassin-Kassab (Syria/UK), Abdelrehim Youssef (Alexandria, Egypt).

Guest musicians: Jes Psaila, Luke Briffa, Alan Portelli (CUSP), Effie Azzopardi, Leonard Caruana, Eric Santucci, Gilbert Vassallo, Ryan Buttigieg (In Beat) 

The writers will also be taking part in the Literature Across Frontiers Malta Literary Translation Workshop 2011.

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