Mangelos núm. 1-9 ½ | babelmed
Mangelos núm. 1-9 ½
  Mangelos núm. 1-9 ½ | babelmed Every seven years, the cells of Human organism regenerate completely. «If these physiological datas that I’ve been taught at school are correct, there should be today nine mangelos and a half ». Dimitrije Mica Basicevic (Sid, 1921 – Zagreb, 1987), called himself Mangelos to paint. He had anticipated precisely the year of the disappearance of its last half Mangelos. Historian and Art critic, director of Zagreb Contemporary Art Gallery, active member of the avant-garde Gorgona, very active in Zagreb in the 50’s and 60’s, Mangelos is one of the most significative by least known of the European Artistic scene of the second half of the XXth century. Mangelos núm. 1-9 ½ | babelmed Fortunately, since few years, its paintings and other works are slowly re-discovered. If part of its conceptual research can be linked to the auto-ironical experiences of Duchamp, the invention of colors and magic can be compared to the poetic freedom of Joan Miró or other surrealists. This exhibition already went to Oporto, after this stop in Barcelona, will also go towards Graz and Kassel.