Images of the 21st century, 7th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival | festival
Images of the 21st century, 7th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
  Images of the 21st century, 7th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival | festival The festival
The event, launched in March 1999, was inspired by Dimitri Eipides. It has benefited from the local public's enthusiastic response -16.000 plus admissions were registered last year- and from the extensive coverage in the local and international press. The main programme is focusing on documentaries that explore the social and cultural developments in the world, introducing at the same time a number of new side sections and events based on important works by new documentarists. Films of the main programme will be candidates for the FIPRESCI and also the AUDIENCE AWARDS.
The Festival attracts a film-going public which discovers, year after year, images of the new century, new film ecritures, new directors, new technologies, but also representatives of the film world who find here a reliable organisation, appropriate for promoting their work.The event revolves around the standard sections: stories to tell, views of the world the recording of memory, and portraits but every year's programme is being enriched by several other sections. Images of the 21st century, 7th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival | festival The images of 21st Century make a date every March in Thessaloniki with a film-going public that seeks an in-depth reading of the human landscape through a journey into the art of documentary.

Side Bar Events
In order to complete its creative and adventurous search of contemporary cultural and social issues, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - Images of the 21st Century is hosting many side bar events including: seminars, Videoconferences and conferences with various subjects, screenings for high school students, exhibitions, an all-night marathon of the most popular films shown during the festival, regional screenings of all programmes from every year's selection. Pitching Forum
The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - Images of the 21st Century in co-operation with the European Documentary Network (EDN) is presenting the Pitching Forum. The Forum, though international in its orientation and content, puts special emphasis on projects from European producers and filmmakers.

International Doc Market
With the fragments of truth that the Documentary Film brings to the screen, it can constitute a base for the raising of issues and exchanging of views, not only through the screening of the films but also through the side events featured in the programme of the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival. A Market for Documentary Films is being held in Thessaloniki since the 1st Doc Festival of Thessaloniki and its aim is to cover the specific sectors of commercial activity dictated by the needs of the television networks of Europe.

Many european countries are participating in the Doc Market, through the presentation of independently produced documentary films. The Market is offering the opportunity not only for filmmakers to receive up-to-date information and participate in for a concerning the production of television documentaries, but also for the exploration of this area and the prospects for the assimilation of this genre into the television market. It is a fact that in recent years, we have seen a change in the attitude of television stations, as they tend, more and more, to include documentaries in their programming.

One of the main goals of the Doc Market is to give the big picture of what is going on in the area of documentary film; once the producers are aware of the intentions of the market, they can continue to produce, thus increasing the range and securing the continuity of this film genre. Babelmed Editorial Team