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Samira Ibrahim, the bravest young woman in Egypt
Dina Kabil   
Samira Ibrahim, the bravest young woman in Egypt | babelmed | mediterranean cultureComing from the conservative Southern Egypt, the 25-year-old Samira Ibrahim is not an activist. Nonetheless, the young woman has had the courage to accuse the army of rape after having been obliged to undergo a virginity test.
Nothing left but the writing
Albert Gatt   
Nothing left but the writing | babelmed | mediterranean cultureAlbert Gatt gives us a review of European Union Prize for Literature winning book In the Name of the Father and of the son, written by Maltese poet and author, Immanuel Mifsud. The novel has been translated by the Albert Gatt.
Activism: the takeover?
Kenza Sefrioui   
Activism: the takeover? | babelmed | mediterranean cultureOver the past year, the 20th February Movement not only gathered young activists in its ranks but also those who have a longer experience in political or societal activism. This is an example of intergenerational coexistence based on common values but there are also certain misunderstandings…
Breaking a vicious cycle!
May S   
Breaking a vicious cycle!  | babelmed | mediterranean cultureIn the utopian state I am referring to, future generations will break the vicious cycle and allow the emergence of a new reality. Most importantly, politics and morals can come closer to each other and double-standard approaches will come to an end.
Tunisia: Entering the Aquarium
Mohammed Faraj   
Tunisia: Entering the Aquarium | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe sky was the first thing that attracted my attention when we were departing from Carthage airport in Tunis the capital. The Tunisian sky was pure, exhibiting several and...
5th Spring Festival, Egypt & Lebanon
5th Spring Festival, Egypt & Lebanon | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe 5th Edition of the Spring Festival organised by Culture Resource in cooperation with Shams Association will be held in Cairo, Alexandria, Minya, Assiut, Beirut and Tripolo simultaneously from the 20th April to the 16th of May 2012.
Conflict between stability and change
Nidal Ayoub   
Conflict between stability and change | babelmed | mediterranean cultureConflict between the two generations remains: the one that believes it has “made history” and the other in which the whole world sees the “makers of the future
The Philippines - Misrata
Jenny Gustafson   
The Philippines - Misrata | babelmed | mediterranean cultureTwo Philippine female migrant workers stand in front of the collection of photos of dead and injured people on display in Libya’s third largest town Misrata. When the war began last spring, they chose to stay in Libya and volunteer at one of Misrata’s hospitals.
Amal Euroarab Film Festival
Amal Euroarab Film Festival | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe Amal Euroarab International Film Festival launches its call for submissions for its 10th Edition that will take be held next October 2012. Deadline: 1st June 2012.

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