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Nostalgia before memories
Paolo Martino   

Nostalgia before memories | babelmed | mediterranean cultureProfessor Adakessian’s slow pacing up and down the halls of the Armenian University of Haigazian, Rafi and his shoe factory in centre city Beirut, the present that shows up again in the old pictures of the Pobeda, the Russian ship that carried thousands of Armenians from the Lebanon to Soviet Armenia. The third episode of the story “From the Caucasus to Beirut”.

Jordan: The inevitability of change
Dana Mar’ie   

Jordan: The inevitability of change | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe Arab Spring was more than a revolution; it declared the rise of a new generation that claimed its right to its country and its entitlement to make part of the political formula.

What has changed in Syria?
Angela Gissi   
What has changed in Syria? | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe events that have been characterizing Syria in the last few weeks revived the interest of many people in what is an over-a-year-and-half battlefront in the Middle East.
Linguistic Mélange bi Lubnan
Jenny Gustafson   

Linguistic Mélange bi Lubnan  | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThere is a trio of widely used languages in Lebanon: Arabic, French and English. Many use them: simultaneously and interchangeably, switching mid-sentence. Mashallah News spoke to LAU professor Rula Diab about one of her specialities: the Lebanese language mix.

Ramadan 2012: The Month of Excess
Ghania Khelifi   
Ramadan 2012: The Month of Excess  | babelmed | mediterranean cultureFrom intolerance to food waste, Ramadan has lost its original meaning and serves as a pretext for national paralysis.
The journey of the outraged Armada Bizerta rappers
Thameur Mekki   

The journey of the outraged Armada Bizerta rappers | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe Tunisian rap group Armada Bizerta, was recently on tour in Europe. The rappers observe the evolution of their career and the changes their country is going through. Portrait.

Fuelling injustice

Fuelling injustice | babelmed | mediterranean cultureStopping Gaza’s electricity supply from Israel would be a great idea, if only Israel ends the occupation. The 1.6 million Palestinians living under blockade are facing the severest fuel shortages in the enclave in the last five years.

Dar Al-Ma’mûn, A Place to Discover
Dar Al-Ma’mûn, A Place to Discover | babelmed | mediterranean cultureDar Al-Ma’mûn is an international center for artistic residencies located 14 km from Marrakesh in the village of Tassoultante (Ourika valley). Aiming to support emerging artists in visual arts this project contributes to culture as an integral part of economic development.
8 Days in Palestine
Fadwa Al Qasem   
8 Days in Palestine | babelmed | mediterranean cultureFadwa al Qasem, Palestinian author, poet, translator and artist born in Libya tells her first trip to Ramallah, Palestine...
Algeria: Independent Unions Against Government Repression
Ghania Khelifi   
Algeria: Independent Unions Against Government Repression | babelmed | mediterranean cultureSince the Arab Spring, the Algerian government’s fear of seeing the emerging movement of revolt by people belonging to no group reaching all social categories by capillary action is increasingly manifested through the ferocity of repression.
Sarop’s armed struggle
Paolo Martino   

Sarop’s armed struggle | babelmed | mediterranean cultureArafat’s bodyguard, then on the front line in the Armenian armed struggle and for 10 years a prisoner in a Syrian jail. “When I came out, everything had changed. The USSR no longer existed”. The meeting with Sarop, in Beirut’s Armenian quarter. The second episode of the report “From the Caucasus to Beirut”


In Ramallah, Running Guy Mannes-Abbott

In Ramallah, Running Guy Mannes-Abbott | babelmed | mediterranean culture

In Ramallah, Running, writer, essayist and critic Guy Mannes-Abbott represents his unique encounter with Palestine. The book features interweaving short, condensed texts with longer, exploratory essays. International artists and prominent writers have responded to the texts with newly commissioned works.


The Wait of Djerba’s Women
Laakri Cherifi   

The Wait of Djerba’s Women | babelmed | mediterranean cultureMoufida Tlatli’s film describes a particular situation describing more a form of matriarchy than an abusive masculine power. Aïsha’s stepmother represents a variant of violence built on the absence but also on the alleged weakness of men.

The Power of Individuals: Grass-root social initiatives in Jordan
Dana Marie   

The Power of Individuals: Grass-root social initiatives in Jordan | babelmed | mediterranean cultureOne hour and fifteen minutes away from his residence, Rabee Zureikat drives more than 100 Km’s south-west of Amman, Jordan’s capital, to get to his work place. Ghor Al Mazra’a is one of the marginalized rural communities in Jordan and Zureikat has been working there for the past 5 years.


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