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Egypt. Breaking the back of the Journalists Syndicate
Omar Said   

Egypt. Breaking the back of the Journalists Syndicate | babelmed | mediterranean cultureA month after security forces stormed the Egyptian Journalist Syndicate and arrested two reporters, the standoff between police and journalists continues. Despite the syndicate’s attempt to de-escalate the crisis, the state seems determined to fuel the conflict. (Ebticar/Mada Masr)

After the Brexit, we need a leftist populism
Gianluca Solera   

After the Brexit, we need a leftist populism | babelmed | mediterranean cultureNever Facebook has been so proliferous in offering the most disparate views on the same topic, as in the day after the Brexit referendum. Some fellows were predicting the European Apocalypse, others were vocalizing their excitement for their rewarded hate against Europe, and others were sending to hell the Brits. Some distinguished friends were writing: “In an instant of time, we got rid of English people and Cameron”.

How We Can Keep Press Freedom from Withering Away?
Farhana Haque Rahman   

How We Can Keep Press Freedom from Withering Away? | babelmed | mediterranean cultureMedia freedoms appear increasingly under siege around the world, with concerning signs that achieving middle-income status is no guarantee for an independent political watchdog in the form of the press. Farhana Haque Rahman, Director General of global news agency Inter Press Service issues a call to action.

The Journalists Syndicate's victory
Mostafa Mohie   

The Journalists Syndicate's victory | babelmed | mediterranean cultureIn an outrageous move, Egyptian security forces stormed the headquarters of the Journalists Syndicate late Sunday night, 1st of May. But what was even more unexpected, perhaps, was the impressive emergency general assembly meeting that was held at the syndicate on Wednesday, May 3rd, with over 3,000 members present. An unexpected victory for the press,amid an unprecedented crackdown by the current administration on press freedoms in Egypt. (Ebticar/Mada Masr)

Stillborn under occupation. Documenting Palestinian checkpoint births
Samar Hazboun   

Stillborn under occupation. Documenting Palestinian checkpoint births | babelmed | mediterranean cultureSamar Hazboun is a Palestinian photographer who has published several projects documenting life under occupation. Her latest project, “Beyond checkpoints,” documents the often forgotten stories of Palestinian women who have given birth at Israeli checkpoints, or been delayed for hours before being able to cross and go to a hospital. (Ebticar/Mashallah News)

“Are we going to die today?”
Kulsoom Rizvi   

 “Are we going to die today?” | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe questions Syrian children ask their parents. Forcibly uprooted from their homes, millions of Syrian children are growing up knowing nothing but war and terror. Though many families remain trapped in Syria’s war zones, others have been forced to make tough decisions to save themselves and their children.

Brussels, The Day After
Gianluca Solera   

Brussels, The Day After | babelmed | mediterranean cultureYesterday, once I heard about the terror attacks in Brussels, the first thing I did was to call a couple of very close friends to make sure that they were all right. In Europe, even someone who is not familiar with that city must know someone else there. One of my friends, passed by Maalbeek Metro Station 5 minutes before the deflagration took place…

Much Loved by Nabil Ayouch
Nabil Bekkani   

Much Loved by Nabil Ayouch | babelmed | mediterranean culture

In Morocco, the film Much Loved raised a heated debate. Not limited to simple condemnations or requests to ban its screenings. The film was discussed in the parliament and there were calls for the execution of its director, as well as the actress who played the main character, Loubna Abidar.(Ebticar/Arablog)

Fuck Humanity!
Gianluca Solera   

Fuck Humanity! | babelmed | mediterranean cultureFuck Humanity. [Signed] Aleppo, April 28, 2016. This is what someone wrote on a wall of Aleppo while the recent bombing campaign of al-Asad’s regime was going on without hesitations, with the backing of Russia, after having buried the ceasefire and started doing what they have always wished to do: annihilate people to win territory. Barrel bombs, one after the other, missiles on the city’s districts controlled by the revolutionary forces. Fuck Humanity. This is the only comment we deserve.

Deadlock in legislation regulating press freedom in Egypt
Mohamed Hamama   

Deadlock in legislation regulating press freedom in Egypt | babelmed | mediterranean cultureEgyptian journalists continue to face a critical threat to their freedom following the storming of the Journalists Syndicate headquarters by security forces on Sunday, May 1st. (Ebticar/Mada Masr)

Arab women in search of the disappeared
Abdel Rahman Gad   

Arab women in search of the disappeared | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe crime of forced disappearance has contributed to the emergence of social movements comprised of the wives and mothers of the disappeared in the Arab region, whether victims of civil war or military rule. These women have become activists in their local communities and influenced decision makers. This article points to cases in Lebanon, Algeria and Egypt where women's appeals turned into influential movements.

On Giulio and the cost of doing business in Egypt
Isabel Esterman   

On Giulio and the cost of doing business in Egypt | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe death of Giulio Regeni exposes the continuous human rights violations that critical voices, activists, journalists are facing under the government of General Al-Sisi. Foreign diplomats and intelligence officers in Egypt “understand the dirty politics, the abuse, the broken bodies and shattered lives that keep Egypt ‘open for business’… But until now they have not appeared to care” writes Mada Masr.

A music-filled Tunisian film perfectly fits this doubtful moment
Maha ElNabawi / Laua Gribbon   

A music-filled Tunisian film perfectly fits this doubtful moment | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThrough the creation of a fictional Arabic alt-rock band, Khyam Allami composed, arranged and produced a soundtrack that’s as nuanced, lo-fi and punk rock as Leyla Buazid’s award-winning debut movie, A peine j’ouvre les yeux (As I Open My Eyes)

Tough times for cinema in Algeria!
Nejma Rondeleux   

Tough times for cinema in Algeria! | babelmed | mediterranean cultureIn the aftermath of independence in 1962, Algeria hosted 450 cinemas. Sixty years later, there are less than two dozen left. Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi’s declaration last June that “95% of Algerian cinemas are closed and non-operating” came as a bolt out of the blue.

When the Arabs exported the tarab
Jamal Boushaba   

When the Arabs exported the tarab | babelmed | mediterranean cultureStory. Between the Egyptian Revolution in 1919 and the beginning of the Lebanon war in 1975, the Middle East goes through a parenthesis of a blessed social and artistic freedom. On the trail of some of the protagonists of this period, in a story based on the latest graphicnovel by Lamia Ziadé, to immerse in a mythical heritage. Is it lost forever? (Ebticar/Le Desk)


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