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Windows into the world
Jenny Gustafsson   

Windows into the world | babelmed | mediterranean cultureA collection of Instagram photos from Beirut, Egypt, Syria, Turkey and many more places by Mashallahnews.

Films about Conscience

Films about Conscience | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe Hrant Dink Foundation in Istanbul, founded in memory of the Armenian-Turkish journalist killed in 2007, organizes the third edition of the short film project “Films about Conscience”. Deadline to submit films: November 1, 2013.

Bringing electricity to the Beqaa
Lea Najjar   

Bringing electricity to the Beqaa | babelmed | mediterranean cultureLea Najjar found the images in Souk al Ahad, Beirut’s Sunday Market, which despite its name, opens every Saturdays and Sundays: “These pictures were lost under a pile of various postcards and old family pictures, all for sale. Bits and pieces of people’s lives mixed with other people’s lives sold decades later.”

Fanfara Tirana
Gianluca Grossi   

Fanfara Tirana | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThough certainly more funky and jazzy in their arrangements than their great-grandparents, Fanfara Tirana have in fact revived brass tradition in Albania. And they made it out in the world thanks to a collaboration with Transglobal.

Being in love at 20 years old
Being in love at 20 years old | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThey are called, Amal, Lila, Joëlle, Ghania, Celia, Doris… They are 20 years old and live in the Mediterranean. They accepted to meet our journalists to speak about love....and more. Their answers are part of our first series of features on young women in the Mediterranean.
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate?
Dar-Med project feature: Who is moderate? | babelmed | mediterranean cultureExtremism. Radicalism. In the middle of these hated concepts stand the acceptable "moderates". Who is a moderate? The Dar-Med project questions these terms with a series of features in the Mediterranean.
Armenian migrants in Turkey: an all-female story
Fazıla Mat   
Armenian migrants in Turkey: an all-female story | babelmed | mediterranean cultureUnofficial data state that between 10 and 20.000 Armenian immigrants work in Turkey illegally. The majority of them are women. Their children have no documents and are not granted the right to education. Our report.
The portrait and the hawk
Paolo Martino   

The portrait and the hawk | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe meeting with Vartuhi and with the fate that divided her from her sister in 1946. She lives in Musa Dagh, in Armenia, where a huge hawk reminds travellers of the Armenian fighters who in 1915 opposed the Ottoman troops. The fifth episode of the story “From the Caucasus to Beirut”.

Journalists gripped in Turkey
Emel Gülcan   

Journalists gripped in Turkey | babelmed | mediterranean cultureAccording to the article by Bianet, 48 journalists were assaulted and 11 detained in Turkey’s Gezi Resistance. As of October 2013, 66 journalists and 27 publishers remained behind bars. 28 journalists, authors and media representatives were convicted to a total of one life sentence, 329 years and 2 months of prison.

The new Bosnia
Andrea Rossini   

 The new Bosnia | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe first Bosnian census since the fall of Yugoslavia has begun in a pre election climate. The survey will show, 20 years after the war and ethnic cleansing, what the new Bosnia is.

Writing the Tunisian Revolution
Cécile Oumhani   

Writing the Tunisian Revolution | babelmed | mediterranean cultureEverywhere TVs, radios and computers were on almost day and night for months, eclipsing all other windows. Facebook pages, videos on cell-phones, Twitter messages captured our whole attention...

Women in situation of conflict
Women in situation of conflict | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe second cycle of features questioning young Mediterranean girls intheir 20's is addressing the burning issue of women in conflictsituation. What does that mean to live in risky, extremely poor orviolent situations?
Young Creative Women
Young Creative Women | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThey are young but have already dedicated their lives to arts and creation. The last cycle of features on Young Women in the Mediterranean.
Where the streets have new names
Josef Burton   

Where the streets have new names | babelmed | mediterranean cultureJust like the other revolutionary countries – most notably Egypt but also Tunisia, Bahrain, Syria and others – Libya has seen an explosion in street art. Under Gaddafi, neither political opposition nor independent cultural expressions were tolerated.

Host Progect (Hospitality, Otherness, Society, Theatre)
Host Progect (Hospitality, Otherness, Society, Theatre) | babelmed | mediterranean cultureSalento-Spain-Greece. The project Host uses theatrical and sociological research to tell past and present emigration the through the words of migrants themselves and through the eyes of theatre.

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