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Islamic Art and Culture exhibit in Seville, Spain explores “light”

Islamic Art and Culture exhibit in Seville, Spain explores “light” | babelmed | mediterranean culture“Nur: Light in Art and Science from the Islamic World” Unites 150 Rarely Seen Objects from Around the World. The exhibition will be on view from October 25 to February, 9.

Ferzan Özpetek’s Istanbul

Ferzan Özpetek’s Istanbul | babelmed | mediterranean cultureRome-based Turkish filmmaker Ferzan Özpetek's debut novel, “Rosso ?stanbul, hit the bookstores in Italy.

In Spain, a tiny group of Sufi Muslims thrives
Slma Shelbayah (CNN)   

In Spain, a tiny group of Sufi Muslims thrives | babelmed | mediterranean cultureSpanish photographer Jose Antonio De Lamadrid, has documented 70 religious minorities including Coptic Christians in Egypt, Jews in Turkey and the Sufi in Spain.

The walls of the Gezi Park
Övgü Pınar   

The walls of the Gezi Park | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe spirit of the Gezi Park protests still reverberates from the walls, which were adorned with creative graffiti and slogans.

Separate worlds brought together through arts
Övgü Pınar   

Separate worlds brought together through arts | babelmed | mediterranean cultureFirst phase of the “WALLS-Separate Worlds” project took place in ?irince, Turkey, Theatre actors from Turkey, Cyprus and Italy came together in the artistic residency workshop and put ino practise “the importance of knowing each other”.

Windows into the world
Jenny Gustafsson   

Windows into the world | babelmed | mediterranean cultureA collection of Instagram photos from Beirut, Egypt, Syria, Turkey and many more places by Mashallahnews.

Journalists gripped in Turkey
Emel Gülcan   

Journalists gripped in Turkey | babelmed | mediterranean cultureAccording to the article by Bianet, 48 journalists were assaulted and 11 detained in Turkey’s Gezi Resistance. As of October 2013, 66 journalists and 27 publishers remained behind bars. 28 journalists, authors and media representatives were convicted to a total of one life sentence, 329 years and 2 months of prison.

The new Bosnia
Andrea Rossini   

 The new Bosnia | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe first Bosnian census since the fall of Yugoslavia has begun in a pre election climate. The survey will show, 20 years after the war and ethnic cleansing, what the new Bosnia is.

The dark side of migration in Qatar

The dark side of migration in Qatar | babelmed | mediterranean cultureAs construction is set to begin on the FIFA World Cup 2022 stadiums in Qatar, a new report by Amnesty International,The Dark Side of Migration: Spotlight on Qatar’s construction sector ahead of the World Cup, reveals widespread and routine abuse of migrant workers - in some cases amounting to forced labour.

“Gezi Park brought down the walls between the Kurds and nationalist Turks”
Övgü Pinar   

“Gezi Park brought down the walls between the Kurds and nationalist Turks” | babelmed | mediterranean cultureInterview with Kadri Gürsel, columnist for Turkish daily “Milliyet” and “Al Monitor” website, and the chairman of the Turkish National Committee of the International Press Institute.

A madrasa of theatre
Övgü Pinar   

A madrasa of theatre  | babelmed | mediterranean cultureIn a little village by the Aegean shores of Turkey is born a unique example of communal cultural institute. Created by public funding, the Theatre Madrasa offers the artists the opportunity to come together, make research and practice in an “out of this world” setting.

“Theatre is a practise of xenophilia”
Övgü Pınar   

“Theatre is a practise of xenophilia” | babelmed | mediterranean cultureInterview with Fabio Tolledi, artistic director of Astragali Teatro in Lecce and president of Italy Center of International Theatre Institute.

Films about Conscience

Films about Conscience | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThe Hrant Dink Foundation in Istanbul, founded in memory of the Armenian-Turkish journalist killed in 2007, organizes the third edition of the short film project “Films about Conscience”. Deadline to submit films: November 1, 2013.

Bringing electricity to the Beqaa
Lea Najjar   

Bringing electricity to the Beqaa | babelmed | mediterranean cultureLea Najjar found the images in Souk al Ahad, Beirut’s Sunday Market, which despite its name, opens every Saturdays and Sundays: “These pictures were lost under a pile of various postcards and old family pictures, all for sale. Bits and pieces of people’s lives mixed with other people’s lives sold decades later.”

Fanfara Tirana
Gianluca Grossi   

Fanfara Tirana | babelmed | mediterranean cultureThough certainly more funky and jazzy in their arrangements than their great-grandparents, Fanfara Tirana have in fact revived brass tradition in Albania. And they made it out in the world thanks to a collaboration with Transglobal.


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